Long-lasting augers, feeder and haul out bins in Shea-Oak Log

Feeder and Haul Out Bins


Our specially designed augers are the perfect piece of equipment for moving large volumes of grain and other bulk materials from ground level to heights of up to 40 feet.  An added useful feature of this machine is its ability to be driven by tractor hydraulics, where the flow is no less than 14 gallons per minute.  


  • Hydraulic operated 40’ x 9” auger
  • Hydraulics powered by 24-30 H.P. motor
  • 3 spool control valve
  • Auger motor
  • Hydraulic lift
  • Power to wheels
  • “A” frame lift mechanism
  • 50 litre hydraulic oil tank
  • 20 litre petrol tank
  • 12 volt battery/start system
  • Towed height – 4.350m (14’3”)
  • O/A width – 2.5m (8’ 2 1/2”)

Feeder and haul out bins

Ute mounted 10 bag feeder bins

The bin is an all galvanised construction 1.500 square x 1.100 high. It is supported by four duragal angle legs fixed to a (RHS) base. The bin is operated by a retractable handle on the driver’s side. The shut-off slides can be operated individually or together. These units are ideal for feeding out sheep nuts or oats.

Haul out bin (chaser bin)

This 18-20 tonne capacity bin is a fully galvanised construction with duragal channel chassis material and a duragal (RHS) border around the top. The axle is a heavy (RHS) with a 12,000kg axle and hub on either side with 12-stud rim mount. The tyres and rims to suit are 30.5 x 32 tubeless 16 ply. The sweep auger has twin shut-off doors operated by hydraulic cylinder. The out loading auger has hydraulic fold up and down, and all augers are P.T.O. driven.

2.5 tonne trailing feed out bin

This bin has been designed with safety and ease of operation from the ute driver’s seat. The filling hatch is operated from ground level with the swinging handle on the right hand side. The outlet slide is operated by electric control, either plugged into the cigarette lighter socket or permanently wired in with a breakaway plug at the tow ball.

The 2.5 tonne trailer bin is on a heavy-duty duragal RHS chassis with tandem land cruiser wheels. The axles are heavy duty with wheel bearings that are suited for station work. The bin and its supports are all galvanised with a roll back lid over the filling hatch. This bin has also been set up for auger out load, which does not require moving legs or stays to fit an auger. The bottom slide is operated by 12-volt remote control from the ute cab.

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