We manufacture hydraulic folding land rollers in Shea-Oak log

Hydraulic Folding Land Rollers

If you need a roller that is suitable for towing whilst still being durable and functional, you need one of our hydraulic folding land rollers. This innovative piece of equipment is designed to fold in on itself for travelling between paddocks or other land that requires rolling. The machine can be further compacted for easy loading by removing the pull.

Main feature

The centre roller is the centre of the machine. This eliminates side drag when turning and takes most of the strain off the bearings and framework.

Other features include:

  • Ideal for operators with large distances to travel between paddocks
  • No need for manual folding or unfolding
  • The pull can be unbolted to minimise size of machine for loading

Model 12.000 specifications:

  • Frame manufactured from rectangular hollow section (RHS)
  • Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) pipe drums from 0.720 mm to 0.810 mm diameter with wall thickness of 12 mm to 16 mm wall
  • Two 12” x 4” phasing hydraulic cylinders on carrier wheels
  • 2 wheels 385/65R22.5 super single radial ply truck tyres fitted
  • Two 24” x 4” and two 24” x 5” hydraulic cylinders working together with over centre valves to facilitate folding
  • Heavy duty bearings on 60 mm shafts fitted on roller drums
  • Bronze bushes and grease nipples on main frame working points
  • Bronze wing roller bushes with a grease nipple to ensure long life
  • Dry weight (i.e. no ballast) 6.5 tonne approx. depending on barrel type

Specifications – Model 9.00

  • R.H.S. frames
  • E.R.W. pipe drums 600mm (20”) diameter by 10mm (3/8”) wall
  • Two 8” x 2.5” hydraulic rams and necessary hoses
  • Two 24” x 4” hydraulic rams for folding
  • Heavy duty bearings on 2” shaft
  • Bronze bushes and grease nipples on main working points
  • Coverage 9.000m
  • Dry weight 2.5 tonne approx depending on barrel type
  • A model 12.002 is also manufactured with a larger roller

Hydraulic harrow beams

Our hydraulic harrow beams are manufactured to the highest standards using heavy (RHS) gate style frame. Draw cables are utilised to prevent the wings from folding back, whilst the debris is being dumped on the move. The heavily reinforced RHS “A” frame is constructed with centre rails in order to mount a spray tank, should the need arise.

Specifications and features:

  • Main pivot is 50mm (2”) diameter on bronze bush
  • Main lift pivot is 38.1mm (1.5”) diameter on bronze bush
  • All other points are metal contact
  • All moving points have grease nipples
  • Wheels are 15” Land Cruiser with 31×10.5R15 tyres
  • Hubs and stub axles are heavy duty 1.7 tonne per pair
  • The hydraulic lift cylinders are controlled with a lockout valve to eliminate creep

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