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Roller Mill/Roller Mill Mixer

Our roller mills & roller mill mixers are both powerful and durable, available with a wide range of feeds. They are manufactured from top-quality materials and come with a versatile range of optional features, such as onboard weighing and alternative tyre flotation equipment. Our skilled team can manufacture roller mills to suit your specific requirements.

Roller mill

Sizes range from:

  • 152mm (6”) wide roller x 305mm (12”) roller diam.
  • 304mm (12) wide roller x 305mm (12”) roller diam.
  • 456mm (18”) wide roller x 305mm (12”) roller diam.
  • 608mm (24”) wide roller x 305mm (12”) roller diam.

Rollers have various teeth or groove options. Standard 8 teeth per 25mm. Alternatives:

  • 10 teeth per 25mm – Fine crush
  • 12 teeth per 25mm – Extra Fine crush
  • 6 teeth per 25mm – Course for lupins, beans, peas, maize.

Rollers are spiral cut to stop groove line-up so no grain can pass through uncrushed. We also re-groove cast rollers up to 305mm (12”) diameter. Double crush mills are ideal for making pig feed as we use 6 teeth per 25mm rollers as primary rollers in 1st mill and 10 teeth per 25mm in 2nd mill to give a constant crush.

Roller mill mixer

  • Mixer is 7.2 CUM approximately 4.6 ton mixing capacity
  • Out-loading augers are 9″ (230mm) hydraulic driven
  • Feed control gate hydraulic operated
  • Tyres are 385/65R22.5 super single truck tyres
  • Alternative tyres floatation implement 400/5522.5
  • Weighing system where fitted, supplied by Accuweigh
  • Mills can vary from 12″ (304mm) to 24″ (608mm)
  • Single crush for poultry, sheep and cattle
  • Mills for pig ration – it is advised to use a double crush mill.  These are also supplied in 12″ (304mm) to 24″ (608mm).


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