Professional machining services in Shea-Oak Log

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Expert machining services

Alongside our bespoke agricultural equipment manufacturing, we also offer full repairs and maintenance on a diverse range of equipment. Our fully equipped workshop has facilities for turning, drilling, milling, and lathe work for both light and heavy components. Our engineering team are all expert fabricators, able to utilise most welding disciplines, including MIG, arc, and oxy acetylene for light and heavy gauge metals.

Specialist transport

We can arrange for specialist transport to deliver any of the equipment we produce anywhere in Australia. Current rates are based upon one bin load per kilometre one way or two bin loads per kilometre one way and a pilot vehicle. Please call us with your requirements and arrange for a quote.

Other products

Thanks to our extensive skills and experience in manufacturing, we are able to design and fabricate a wide range of equipment to suit our clients’ specific requirements. From loaders and stock feeders to comb trailer and loading buckets, we have the resources and know how to get the job done.

Whether you need some heavy plant fabrication and repairs or a custom piece of agricultural equipment manufacturing from scratch, we have all your needs covered.


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