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Portable Field Bins

Our portable field bins are available in two standard sizes: 28 tonne (340 bags) and 32 tonne (380 bags) capacity. They are also offered with a stay attached hitch that allow them to be used without being uncoupled from the tractor. There is no need to unhitch every time or disconnect the PTO supply.

The bin can be lowered to the ground for use without all the fuss of separating and reconnecting the drive. This feature makes our portable field bins ideal for situations where they need to be used in two or more paddocks in succession.

General specifications of our portable field bins:

  • Two sizes – 28 tonne (340 bags) and 32 tonne (380 bags) capacity
  • Both sizes are available with a 12” diameter auger (P.T.O. driven)
  • Both sizes of auger bin are available with stay attached hitch (PTO and drawbar doesn’t need to be uncoupled from the tractor
  • The 28 tonne bin is 38 CUM, diameter 4.343m and height 4.000m
  • The 32 tone bin is 42.4 CUM, diameter 4.343m and height 4.300m


The bin is constructed of all galvanised sheet steel, except for the tubular sections of duragal and pipe sections of galvanised pipe, and axle runners are 125 x 75 Duragalve RHS. Bin has one sight glass in top wall and is transported on 14” Holden wheels with spring assist lift. The bottom shut off slide is operated from the back of the bin, so crawling under the bin when emptying is not required. When the bin is empty, bottom entry is facilitated via a personal access hole.

Portable field bins with 35 degree cone

This new steep cone portable field bin (35deg) has been designed to run the more stubborn grain types such as urea and most granular fertilisers. The bin has been designed with all the features of our standard 340 bag bins (i.e. large roll back lid operated from the ground) due to the steep cone on the bottom and high ground clearance under the outlet slide to accommodate tube conveyors.

The overall height has increased by 230mm to 4.23m. This has also decreased the actual wall height of the bin by 450mm. These dimension changes will still allow most new harvesters to centre fill, and will allow the bin to be transported on a low loader within the 4.9m height limit. Otherwise, permits and ETSA Utility Permits must be obtained, normally at a cost which is passed on to the user. The bottom outlet has a detachable slide on type boot, intended for auger use at harvest if the tube conveyor alternative is not used.


  • The cu-metre dimension and tonnage is as per AS.3729-1989 Farm Silo Storage Capacity
  • Wheat at 750kg per CUM
  • Barley at 620kg per CUM
  • Super phosphate at 1100kg per CUM
  • 282 bags
  • The cubic capacity of the bin is 31 CUM and 23.5 tonne wheat capacity
  • Diameter is 4.343m and the height is 4.23m



This bin is for the person who uses Road Trains or B Double trucks for shifting their grain.  It has the advantage over its little predecessors by only tying up 1 tractor instead of 2 to do the same job.  It is fitted with a 15” Diameter Auger controlled with a hydraulically operated choke to control the grain flow delivered as the truck fills. The wheels are also hydraulically operated, with a stay attached drawbar and PTO setup.  This bin lends itself to feeding a Magic box if you need to clean your grain.  It is achievable by closing the choke and using low tractor PTO revs, then adjusting the choke for the correct feed rate.


  • Bin diameter 5.97 meters at the eves.
  • Height over center of roof 4.9 meters.
  • Clearance under Auger Chute 4.3 meters.
  • Approximate time to empty 10-12 minutes.
  • Choke position gauge fitted.
  • Wheels are Toyota L/Cruiser 6 stud & load equalizing
  • 4 sight glasses fitted in the bin walls
  • Cubic capacity 72 cubic meters, 672 bags.

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