Run by proprietor, Max Leske, and supported by his team of skilled engineers, we have been supplying custom-made agricultural equipment to farming communities across Australia since 1980. From our extensive premises at Wandel Road in Shea-Oak Log, we are conveniently located to serve customers and transport our equipment across Australia.

Our range of agricultural equipment

Our custom-engineered products are built to withstand the test of time and the harsh Australian climate.

  • Portable field bins
  • Silos
  • Fertiliser silos
  • Augers
  • 10 bag ute mounted feeders
  • Hydraulic folding land rollers
  • Hydraulic harrow beams
  • Roller mills
  • Haul out bins
  • Comb trailers
  • Universal sheep/cattle feeders
  • Farm front end loaders
  • Sheds and general engineering


We are the experts in all types of agricultural equipment sales and services.
Call us on 08 8524 9082 now.

Leske Engineering 71 Wandel Road Shea-Oak Log SA 5371 t. 08 8524 9082 m. 04278 07066 f. 08 8524 9170 Email: